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Can a Captive Help Achieve Your Financial Goals?

USA Risk Group works with leadership teams in all industries tasked with cutting costs, growing the business and generating profit. 


Quick Facts for Business Leaders

Quick Facts for Independent Insurance Brokers


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Listen & Learn

By listening to a company’s financial goals, we can determine whether forming a captive or risk retention group will improve cash flow and control expenses through customized insurance coverage.

Collaborate & Plan

We collaborate and develop a plan that fits the long-term needs of organizations looking to gain more control over their insurance and risk management. We work closely with insurance brokers, organizations and businesses.

Manage & Succeed

We continue to manage the captive to ensure everything is compliant and performing well. This includes frequent reviews of the business plan to ensure the captive adapts to the changing needs of the company.  

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The first step in determining whether a captive is right for your financial goals is to schedule a free consultation call with our team. By reviewing your goals, risk management strategy and claim history, we can quickly assess whether it makes sense to move forward. Schedule your consultation call today.
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What Our Clients Say

“We were forming a new captive in Texas and needed their assistance and guidance through the licensing process with the department of insurance. Through an RFP process with several other captive managers, USA Risk, in my opinion, provided greater experience and expertise in what we were trying to accomplish in setting up the new captive. Their recommendations on auditors, actuaries and attorneys have been invaluable and they continue to meet monthly deadlines that we have set for them and they treat us as if we were their only client. It's service like that which is important to us to help us meet our objectives.”


Mark Winkler

Director-Insurance & Risk Management, Kinder Morgan, Inc.

“Our primary excess carrier was downgraded and we needed to move our insurance. Our excess risk was the biggest, but we couldn’t find anyone to do it. We decided to form a captive to cover those layers. Our broker and Children's of Alabama selected USA Risk. They’re very knowledgeable on what needs to be done for our business and in the Cayman captive market. They’re very prompt, very responsive with any questions or concerns we might have and very organized with meetings, as they’re always available for us. I’m just thrilled and very pleased with the work they’ve done for us. They’ve kept us honest and we really enjoy working with their team.”


Vickie Atkins

Vice President of Risk Management, Children's of Alabama


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