Our Story

The need for a captive insurance leader with integrity in the U.S. was evident in the early 1980s when bringing trust and confidence to new alternative risk solutions was vital to its success. This led to the company that would be called USA Risk Group to be formed in 1981 when our founder helped pioneer captive legislation in Vermont, which then became the first successful onshore domicile in the U.S.

We are the independent alternative risk advisor with proven integrity & innovative ideas that's been taking insurance in a new direction since 1981.

We have continued pioneering the ever-growing captive insurance industry by expanding into multiple domiciles to ensure numerous solutions to the clients we serve. Our experienced team develops practical solutions for unique situations for middle to large market companies in all industries that are looking for additional options for insurance coverage, cost-savings, additional capacity, and more control of premium dollars.


Solving the challenges that each company presents allows us an opportunity to show our clients how to integrate cost-efficiencies to gain more control over their insurance and risk management programs. By remaining independent from broker or insurance company ownership, we can ensure we act as an advocate with unbiased solutions for an organization’s long-term goals.


Putting our Hearts into Your Business


We go beyond business as usual because no one on our team wants to work with nameless, faceless accounts. We get to know the people who made the choice to trust us with solving their business problems because when we know a person’s story and not just an account number, we feel more connected to their success. And that’s why we try harder and go the extra mile. Because there’s nothing like the satisfaction we feel when we put our hearts into helping our clients build something they value. Putting our hearts into your business. It’s what we do. 

Our Team


Paul Macey


Paul serves as President of USA Risk Group. He joined the company in 2005 as Senior Vice President and was promoted to President of the Cayman office in July 2009. In 2019, he led a management buyout of the company and was appointed President. He is responsible for business development and maintaining existing client and regulator relationships

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Jeanne Crawford

Senior Vice President USA Risk Group (Barbados) Ltd.

Jeanne serves as Sr. Vice President of USA Risk Group (Barbados), Ltd. She joined USA Risk Group in 1993. Throughout her tenure at the company she has held various management positions and in 2013 was promoted to Senior Vice President for the Barbados office.

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Rob Leadbetter

Senior Vice President

Rob serves as Sr. Vice President of USA Risk Group. In 2005, Rob joined the company as Vice President in the Cayman office and in 2017 was promoted to Sr. Vice President of the Cayman and British Virgin Islands operations. He was a key member of the 2019 management buyout of the company and was appointed Sr. Vice President.

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John Tortell

General Manager - USA Risk Group (Malta) Ltd.

John Tortell became director of USA Risk Group - Malta, Ltd. in 2010 and General Manager in 2019. He has been involved in the captive insurance industry in Malta since its entry into the European Union, being one of the first captive managers to be licensed.

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Charmain Aggarwal

Vice President

Charmain serves as Vice President of USA Risk Group. In 2006, Charmain joined USA Risk Group as an account manager in the Cayman office. In 2015, she was promoted to Vice President of the Cayman Islands operations and most recently she was a key member of the 2019 management buyout of the company and was appointed Vice President.

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Steven Lill

Assistant Vice President USA Risk Group (Cayman) Ltd.

Steven joined USA Risk Group in 2011 and was promoted to Assistant Vice President in September 2018. In this role, he oversees a team of account managers to ensure timely preparation of financial statements and the operational administration of each client’s captive.

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