About Domiciles

A domicile is the official address of an insurance company and wherever a captive is domiciled is where it will be regulated by the local insurance authority agencies. Primary drivers in selected a domicile include proportionate regulation, political stability, reputation, depth of support services ahead of capital and surplus requirements and cots. A captive is most likely to succeed if it is formed in a domicile with regulators that can understand the proposed program. 


When we engage in our initial consultation call, we will review your goals for the captive as this information will help determine which domicile will best meet your needs. Factors we consider when making our recommendations for your captive's domiciles include how long the domicile has been operating and if its activity has been consistent over the long-term. 



U.S. Domiciles

The following are domiciles we work with in the United States: 

North Carolina 
South Carolina
Puerto Rico
Washington D.C.


International Domiciles

The following are domiciles we work with internationally: 

British Columbia
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands



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