Consulting & Management

Since 1981, we have been offering captive consulting and management services in all industries. We believe an independent and experienced risk management and insurance advisor with innovative perspective is essential to help a company's leadership team achieve the financial goals of its organization. 

1. Consultation Call

To determine whether a captive is a viable solution for a company’s long-term goals, we will first review its financial and insurance objectives during a free consultation phone call. On the call we will also discuss current insurance coverage, risk management strategies and claim history.

2. Evaluation & Analysis 

After a company is determined to be a candidate for a captive solution from our consultation call, we will provide our new client with a contract that includes a fee structure for their customized Evaluation & Analysis Report. This outlines the structure and domiciles we believe best align with the company’s long-term goals as well as a feasibility report.

3. Formation

After our client reviews their Evaluation & Analysis Report and decides they will move forward with our suggestions, we will prepare a proposal with the captive formation steps, detailed timelines, regulatory approval process and contractual license and capitalization details. When the new captive is formed, we alert our client, send an on-boarding packet and schedule the first board of directors meeting.

4. Management

As part of our ongoing services agreement, we will provide a snapshot of the health of the captive before all board meetings. In addition, assigned account managers will schedule regular check-ins with our clients. This includes discussing any updates on industry trends that may affect a client’s captive and reviewing any upcoming account changes. 


Broker Education 


We are positioned as an educator for captive insurance options and act as an extension of an independent broker’s team by helping them round out their services with our captive management solutions.

We work together with the broker from the beginning; from determining whether captive management is right for their client, to program implementation and assistance throughout the life of the relationship.



Captive Consulting


For businesses that currently have a captive insurance company, we can analyze their existing program to determine if it is truly meeting their risk management objectives.

An independent third party review may uncover important improvements and/or recommendations that have been missed over the years. This includes reviewing the current captive structure, and making recommendations on changes to improve performance that are essential to enhancing the captive’s profitability. 

Management & Insurance

  • Structuring, formation and licensing
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Liaise with captive service providers
  • Cash management and insurance services
  • Regulatory compliance, including premium tax return and regulatory filings
  • Ongoing program review


  • Access to issuing carriers
  • Custom-tailored policy language
  • Accounting
  • TPA guidance
  • Access to best-of-service providers
  • Facilitate reinsurance placements

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